WHOLE BOX LAVENDER Sanitary Napkin 9 packs

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 w o r l d w i d e   s h i p p i n g   a v a i l a b l e

Lavender Sanitary Napkin with Negative Ions ( Anion ) , Nano Silver & Far Infrared Ray

a sanitary napkin that is not only hygienic but is enhanced by natural substances which improve & provides additional benefit to women’s health & wellness.

• ultra thin • soft • comfortable • hygienic • anti-bacterial • highly absorbent • anti-bacterial • superior leak – proof design with 8 protective layers • air permeability • health protections through the use of Lavender Sanitary Napkins.

Product Set Contains

• DAY Use 245mm (10pcs / pack) – 3 packs

• NIGHT Use 290mm (8pcs / pack) – 2 packs

• LIGHT FLOW Use 180mm (20pcs / pack) – 1 pack

• PANTY LINER 155mm (30pcs / pack) – 3 packs



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More Anions, Antibacterial and Bio-magnetic chip

The enhanced embedded Anion, Nano Silver and Far Infrared Ray function ( within the sanitary napkin ) inhibits reproduction of anaerobic bacteria, releases high density of anions to kill bacteria, micro-circulation, increase the growth of bio-enzyme, eradicate odour, regulate acidic secretions in the vaginal and improve women’s self-protection and disease prevention ability.

Women are most vulnerable to bacteria infection during menstrual period.

Using the right type of sanitary napkin during menstruation is as important as eating a healthy diet – to prevent harmful bacteria and gynaecological diseases.




Product Details

• 3-in-1 Core Stripe with Negative Ion ( Anion ), Nano Silver, Far Infrared Ray.

• Negative ion ( anion ) – increase oxygen content and leads to higher anti-bacterial function.

• Nano Silver – anti-bacteria, reduce odor and white discharge.

• Far Infrared Ray – promote blood circulation, body metabolism and regulate menstrual cycle.

• Superior Leak – Proof design with 8 Protective Layers.

• Ultra Thin & Comfortable – surface is made from softer, thinner and more comfortable 100% sterilized cotton.

• Highly Absorbent padding made from Super Absorbent Polymer and fully wrapped by dust free sterilized paper.

• Breathable and Comfortable Bottom Layer.

• Non Toxic Food Grade Glue which comply with ergonomic standard.

• 100% sealed in every sanitary pad.

• Safely Packed & Resealable : Aluminum foil packaging to disallow moisture and prevent bacteria from entering.


  • Recommended to change your sanitary napkin after every 3 to 4 hours.



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